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Join a revegetation group

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Community groups are planting seedlings and revegetating our lost native bushes and grasslands. Why not join a group and do your bit for the environment?

The Australian landscape has dramatically suffered from the arrival of European farming and our clear-fell domination of the native environment. This decline continues, even though we know it leads to salinity, soil acidification and erosion. It's time to heal what previous generations have harmed. Now it is our responsibility to start fixing the environment. Membership and involvement in a not-for-profit community revegetation group will fund and support the planting of hundreds of native seedlings each year.

How to do it now!

Find a revegetation group in your community. Here's a start to get you going:

Community Environment Groups

A range of community groups are active in protecting and restoring the environment. Groups include the traditional "care" groups (Land, Coast and Bush). Other groups focus on environmental education and training while others provide employment opportunities.

  • Friends of Browns Creek (Taree) - 6552 5009
  • Taree Landcare - 6552 3813
  • Cundletown Landcare - 6553 9562
  • Hallidays Point Landcare - 6559 3365
  • Manning Landcare - 6557 0244
  • Mid Manning Landcare - 6550 6224
  • Killabakh & Lower Cedar Party - 6550 5734
  • Wherrol Flat Landcare - 6557 0244
  • Lansdowne Sandy Point - 6556 7105
  • Dyers Crossing Landcare - 6554 6353
  • Manning Bushcare - 6553 3843
  • Wingham Bushcare - 0427 018 645
  • Manning Coastcare - 6556 5099
  • Wallabi Point Coastcare - 6553 7233
  • Manning Environment Education Group (MEEG) - 6552 3813
  • Hunter-Central Rivers Catchment Management Authority
    PO Box 440, TAREE  2430
    Location: 98 Victoria St, Taree
    Phone:  6551 8994

Council supports regular community activities. There are many opportunities to become involved. You can join in with an existing group or attend a forthcoming event.

Why is this action important?

Natural Resource Management (NRM) is the critical battleground for Australia over the next 50 years. We face a declining natural environment as a result of almost 200 years of mismanagement of our landscape, however well-intentioned some of the actions have been. As a result, we have dying river systems, salinity, soil acidification, invasive species and soil loss. To add to these problems is the emerging issue of climate change, including increasingly higher temperatures and scarce, yet heavy rainfall due to global warming. As a result we are trying to overcome human inertia and politics to revive a dying continent in a changing climate. The time has come to join up and help out those frontline groups implementing appropriate NRM practices across the country.